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Hey there,

Thanks for spending the time having a little browse of my snazzy new website. It’s a bit of an online CV really – and from here, you can access the different areas that I work across.

There’s the Pure Natural Pregnancy podcast, which is specifically for pregnant mamas who want a natural birth, and who are prepared to do the work in order to get it. It’s a wealth of information – from interviews with birth workers, to reviews of books and a few rants to spare. I love the podcast and I love that it’s helping women navigate their pregnancy.

After the podcast began to gain momentum, I started getting questions about the 4th trimester and onwards. So many of you followed my second pregnancy and then had your babies around the same time. I’m currently planning to launch a blog (and possibly another podcast) very soon, called “A Natural Mama” which will really be the one-stop-shop for everything once you’ve had your baby!

I am a baby massage instructor, as well as a chiropractor, and realised that it’s sometimes tough to get to a massage class if you have another kiddo at home. I struggled to find a class that suited me, and ended up spending more money just to put my eldest in nursery so I could attend. A £40 class all of a sudden cost 5x that! Eek. So, I’m putting it all online. Same content, lower price, no worrying about actually getting there!

I’m so excited to show off my new projects. I’ve been working so bloody hard behind the scenes that it’s just awesome to see it FINALLY coming together. I can safely say I’ve done a few laps of my lounge – running man style!

I hope you like the new look 🙂