Where Baby Massage Online came from

When I had Freddie, George was 3 years old. He was at nursery already, but not on any of the days that the local baby massage classes were running. Baby massage online would have been the perfect solution, looking back. Of course, hindsight is a great thing but by the very nature isn’t that useful at the time you need it.

My solution at the time was to add an extra session of nursery. Genius.

I remember it all too well.

Waking Freddie from his peaceful sleep – waking him up to put him in the car seat. That was never gonna go down well, cos no baby wants to be woken up unless he’s going straight to the booby jackpot. Car seat = screaming. Not fun.

Driving to nursery, he’s still screaming blue murder. That spine chilling shrill scream that makes your whole body tense and your head pound. Do I pull over to feed him? If I just do that, then he’ll calm down. But then my big boy, George the pre-schooler, might start crying too because I’m making him miss his friends. Do I just carry on and hope he falls back asleep? Am I the worst Mum in the world? Why didn’t I just stay home where everyone was happy?

Luckily, within 3 minutes (which seems like an eternal hell) he falls asleep and I start singing nursery rhymes with George.

10 minutes later, we pull up at nursery. I pull the now sleeping baby out of the car, in his car seat, and carry that precious cargo all the way across the car park and to the nursery door. Walking lopsided trying to counterbalance the weight, and holding the hand of my 3 year old isn’t ever an easy task, but we make it. Now to navigate the corridors – far too narrow to accommodate a mum, a pre-schooler and a bulky car seat too. But we did it! Hurrah.

Now to get baby back in the car, get home, transfer to the house.

Wait an hour, get back into the car, drive to the class, wake baby up again to start class.

It was, needless to say, a pain in the arse. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the class itself, and I desperately needed the socialisation as much as I wanted the bonding opportunity for me and Freddie. I just wish it could have been easier.

So I trained as an instructor and created the baby massage online course. I realised as I started looking into it, that actually, there are a few baby massage online courses, so mine isn’t the first. I just wish I’d known about them at the time! It would have definitely made my life a LOT easier.

Raising Money for IMUK

Some of you will have heard of the IMUK plight that is currently taking place – in a nutshell, Independent Midwives in the UK have been stopped from working with their clients throughout their birth. They’re still allowed to offer pre- and post-natal care; they’re just not able to attend the birth itself.

It’s a ridiculous situation that has been brought about thanks to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) and it’s all to do with insurance.

The NMC say that IMUK midwives don’t have enough insurance, the IMUK have asked what figure they need to reach so that they can make it happen, the NMC have told them that they should be able to work it out for themselves what they deem adequate. 

Seem ridiculous? Yep – I think so too.

Anyway, the IMUK are now in a legal battle with the NMC and they need help to fund their legal costs. You can read more about the background here, and I’d really advise you to join the IMUK as a “friend” for £20 a year if you can. Every little helps.

I’m giving all money from the baby massage online course to the IMUK legal fees (up to 1st October 2017), and would love it if you’d help me.

Whether you’re pregnant and want to buy it for yourself, if you’re a new mum, or if you want to buy the course for a friend, every penny will go to the fund.

I will be recording the course videos this week, and after editing, will be releasing on 31st July 2017.

In order that IMUK get the most money, these are the steps to take (as I host on Teachable, they take a % if you buy direct through them):

  1. Donate (at least) £30 using this link and type “Donation in exchange for Baby Massage Online at SarahKeen.com”
  2. Screenshot your donation + message, and email to me on babymassageonline@gmail.com
  3. Get your discount code within a couple of days, and get immediate access to the course.

(From 31st July when it goes live)

Help me raise as much money as possible by sharing this post far & wide, and if you really want to be a gem, jump on my new Facebook page and give me some love!

Learn baby massage online and never need to leave your house for a class.

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